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​At Playing for Change we draw on a range of therapeutic approaches including traditional skills based work as well as sensory processing, the Marte Meo Approach and Circle of Security to work with children aged up to 8 years of age.


We are committed to providing a responsive, accountable and stable OT service to our clients.


Our services are provided across a range of environments - a well equipped clinic space, homes, schools, kindergartens and care settings. We believe that working closely with families and educators provides the best outcomes for children. While working in the child's own environment is important, clinic based work can provide just the right opportunity for children and parents to take positive risks and be open to change. 

We undertake regular professional development, with a focus on evidence based approaches. 

One of the most enjoyable and rewarding aspects of our work comes from the children and parents we work with - they constantly show us resilience, creativity and expertise that inspires us!



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