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Clinic Based 1:1 Assessments and Therapy

Playing for Change OT use a range of formal and informal assessment tools in the...

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Child care/Preschool/School Visits

We are focussed on developing your child's potential in their everyday environment and understand sometimes a child has particular issues or challenges in certain environments. Playing for Change OT therefore offer occasional out of clinic visits to educational and care settings, however these are time limited and focused on specific concerns a child may be facing.

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Home Visits

Home visits are a valuable way for us to maintain contact with parents and caregivers and for developing workable strategies to support the child between therapy appointments.

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Circle of Security - Parenting DVD 8 Week Group Course

Playing for Change employs a registered provider of the Circle of Security Parenting DVD eight week course.

We love facilitating these groups and have had excellent feedback from parents who have attended. Parents report that they appreciate the opportunity to view their child's challenges in a new way and value the support and experience of other group participants.

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Helping Children with Autism

Individuals and families on the Helping Children with Autism program can access services at Playing for Change OT.

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Medicare Rebates

At Playing for Change OT we are able to accept the following medicare rebates:

Medicare provides rebated allied health services for eligible clients under the following programs:

  • The Medicare Chronic Disease Management program (previously known as the Enhanced Primary Care scheme or Team Care Arrangements) for clients with a complex or chronic medical condition (that is, one which is expected to last greater than 6 months, e.g developmental delay, stroke, musculoskeletal conditions and who require services from GP and at least two other health providers). It is best to speak to your GP about eligibility. A referral from a GP must be supplied to the OT in order to claim for this rebate.

  • Follow – up Allied Health Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who have had a health assessment - for clients of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, a further Medicare item is available, for up to five additional allied health sessions, please ask your GP for more information.

  • Better Access to Mental Health: Focussed Psychological Strategies* - Eligible clients may access up to ten rebated sessions per calendar year. Please contact your GP about eligibility and a letter from a GP or paediatrician must be supplied on the first session in order to claim for this rebate.

Please note: Sessions that have been paid under a Medicare rebate cannot also be claimed under private health. Clients need to consider which rebate is most beneficial for them to claim as only one can be used per session.        


*Sue Robinson is are currently the only provider able to conduct sessions under Mental Health Care Plans (MHCP) at Playing for Change OT. If you have any questions related to sessions under a MHCP, please contact the clinic before your child’s therapy commences. 

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National Disability Insurance Scheme

Playing for Change OT is a registered NDIS provider of the following services:

  • Therapeutic supports

  • Early intervention supports for early childhood

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Sensory and Regulation Workshops

Playing for Change offers Sensory & Regulation Workshops for kindergarten, primary school and childcare staff. The workshop focuses on understanding children’s sensory needs, supporting regulation, and promoting attention and learning. Workshops can be tailored to the key areas of concern and budget of the agency – from a two hour workshop to a whole day! We bring a range of equipment and therapy tools that staff can explore and try for themselves. We also build in opportunities to discuss and problem solve challenges presented by individual students so staff go away with ready to use plan of action.

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