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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you only see children up to 8 years of age?

Our team of therapists focusses on services to children aged up to to 8 years due to our collective experience with providing early intervention services. Our clinic space is set up for smaller bodies to have maximum fun!

Do you charge travel fees?

Yes. Travel fees are charged in line with the current NDIS pricing rules.

Non- NDIS travel fees also apply at the rate of 78 cents per km, or as per ATO guidelines for work related travel.

Can you provide complex equipment equipment assessments?

No. Our therapists can help you find an experienced provider and work with them to support your child with complex equipment needs such as wheelchairs, buggies, specialised bedding or seating solutions.

Will your OTs work with other members of my child's team?

Yes! With your written consent, we love to work closely with others in your child's support team including speech pathologists, psychologists, teachers, SSOs, ABA therapists, physiotherapists, anyone who is part of your child's support team!

Will you see my child is nearly 7 or is already 7?

While we can accept referrals for children who are approaching our age cut off, it may be better for you and your child to commence services with a different OT provider who can continue to see your child past 8 years of age if your child is likely to need ongoing services past 8 years of age.

Does my child need a diagnosis or a referral to see you?

No. A diagnosis is not essential to access our services.

You can self refer, or you may wish to ask your GP to work out if your child is eligible for either of the Medicare rebates that we accept : the Team Care Arrangements/Chronic Disease Management plan OR the Mental Health Care plan.


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